The most memeable memecoin in existence. The frogs have had their day, it’s time for Rehtetoken to take reign.


The Story

Once upon a time in the kingdom of Token, there ruled a wise and just king with two sons. Both princes were beloved by the people for their kind hearts and noble deeds.


One fateful day, a wicked witch tricked the king into drinking a mysterious potion during a royal feast. To their horror, one prince transformed into a frog, and the other into a fierce wolf. The kingdom was thrown into chaos as news of the curse spread.

Strangely, the people of Token began to adore the frog prince, showering him with affection and gifts. They saw him as a charming and helpless creature, unaware of the darkness growing within him. On the other hand, the wolf prince was banished from the kingdom. He roamed the forests, finding solace and companionship among the wild creatures.

As time passed, the frog prince, indulging in the adoration of his subjects, became selfish and cruel. He levied heavy taxes, oppressed the common folk, and even imprisoned those who dared to oppose him. Meanwhile, the wolf prince, guided by his newfound animal friends, learned the ways of the wild and honed his intellect.


One day, the wolf prince decided it was time to reclaim his rightful place in Token. With the help of his loyal animal allies, he launched a daring plan to overthrow his frog brother and confront the witch, the source of their curse.

In a fierce battle, the wolf prince's cunning tactics and the support of the wild creatures proved too much for the frog prince and the witch. The curse was broken, restoring order to Token.


With the curse lifted, the frog prince returned to his human form, repentant for his misdeeds as the frog. However, it was clear that he was not fit to rule after his actions.

The king, recognizing the wisdom and strength of the wolf prince, declared him the rightful heir to the throne. The kingdom of Token rejoiced as the wolf prince ascended to power, promising a reign of justice and harmony.


The End


Token Supply:

10 % cex listing

10% dex listing

5% Airdrop

20% marketing

50% fairlaunch

5% for Rehte's lunch


Contract Adress:




Q1: The birth of Rehte

Q2: The return of Rehte

Q3: The coronation of Rehte

Q4: The change of Rehte





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